My first debt of gratitude is to God, the Subtle, the Aware: for His guidance; for this task and everything necessary for its fulfilment, and for my inability to be truly satisfied with anything other than its completion.

My next debt of gratitude is to my wife, Karina Gerrans. Her faith, kindness, and belief in this mission have never wavered for a moment, and her reflections, observations and questions have helped greatly. 

Our daughter Edith also saw much less of Daddy in her early years than she should have due to my commitment to this project. I tell myself that one day she will understand why this was important, and that we can make up for lost time.

I gratefully acknowledge all those who made financial contributions to this project. They were seeking the pleasure of God, and I understand that, but the fact is that their donations and personal messages of support (all of which I read) helped sustain me during this project. The result is the new edition of The Qur’an: A Complete Revelation, publication of The God Protocol, and a substantially improved solution to the mysterious letters. None of this would have been possible without their support. 

I wish to acknowledge Hakim Sahin for his kind assistance expunging minor errors from the final manuscripts. 

And I wish particularly to thank Said Mirza. His generous support on all fronts as well as his personal friendship made a difficult path easier to walk.